Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Years Around the World

Over the past week, as I recounted my own New Years in Atlantic City to friends and family, I kept thinking it would have been cool to have a birds eye view of all the celebrations that took place around the world that night.  Intrigued by the thought, I dug into the world wide web to satisfy my curiosity.

The first major city in the world to ring in the new year officially is Auckland, New Zealand.
Source: Daily Mail
Two hour later, Sydney, Australia puts on an amazing display over Sydney Harbour and the famous Opera House. Over 1.5 million visitors were present this year.  It must be nice to enjoy New Years fireworks in the pleasant mid-summer air.
Source: Daily Mail
The display in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia lights up the sky over its iconic Petronas Twin Towers.
Source: Daily Mail
Singapore's pyrotechnic show over Marina Bay is a wonder.  Wouldn't it be nice to watch from the Marina Bay Sands casino and resort?
Source: Daily Mail
Revelers release balloons in front of Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, Japan.  This picture was taken at Zojoji, a 600 year-old temple in the center of the city.  Inside the balloons are notes containing the people's hopes for the new year.

Source: Toronto Sun
The International Flora Expo is the place to be in Taipei, Taiwan to celebrate the country's centennial.
Source: Toronto Sun
A massive fireworks show is needed to make a splash across Hong Kong's sprawling skyline.  Visitors can celebrate in the city's Times Square
Source: valerieheck
In the Middle East, no one tops the celebration in Dubai, UAE.  I mean this literally since fireworks are set off from the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa.
Source: Daily Mail
Moving to Europe, partygoers flock to the Red Square in Moscow, Russia for display over St. Basil Cathedral.
Source: Daily Mail
In Prague, Czech Republic, the city along the Danube looks like a dream.
Source: blog.requestrooms
In Berlin Germany, gatherers enjoy a light show at the renown Brandenburg Gate.
Source: Daily Mail
In Venice Italy, take in the fireworks from a gondola.
Source: veniceinfosite
In Florence, Italy, the picturesque skyline is highlighted with vibrant colors.
Source: firenzeviva
In Paris, France, could there be a better backdrop to a fireworks show?
Since any night of the week is lively in Barcelona, Spain, it is no surprise that the city's New Years celebration is a truly brilliant display.
In London, England, a quarter of a million people made their way to the London Eye for eye popping show over the Thames River.  The second picture is me being indulgent, but how can I show pictures of London's celebration without showing Big Ben?
Source: Daily Mail
Everything was grand in Edinburgh, Scotland for the Hogmanay celebrations.
Source: Toronto Sun
In South America, the most fabulous celebration is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where two million people joined together for a giant beach party on Copacabana Beach.  Make sure to wear white, because it is tradition!
Source: Daily Mail
In the good ol' US of A, New Englanders can take in First Night in Boston, MA.  There is a midnight fireworks show over the Charles River and their are a series of events throughout the day that are outlined on  The ice sculptures are always a highlight for locals.
Source: FirstNight
In Chicago, IL, the fireworks over Lake Michigan are a sight.
Source: whmsoft
Lastly, New York City, NY is home to the world renown ball-dropping celebration in Times Square.  This year, one million people were on hand to see the confetti fly after the crystal ball with 32,000 lights dropped down marking the start of 2011.
Source: Daily Mail
So here's the big question: if money was no object and there were no issues taking time off from work, where would you choose to take in the new year?


  1. probably any city except the US. haha, is it just me or do our fireworks look lame in comparison?!

    this is such a fun post. i think if i had to choose one it would be Auckland, because being the first people on the planet to ring in the new year is once in a lifetime!

  2. I wouldn't necessarily want to be in Tokyo, but I LOVE the idea of notes/hopes/dreams for the new year inside the balloons!

    Like you wrote, the Eiffel Tower provides a fabulous backdrop for fireworks. So romantic!

    Fun post :)