Thursday, October 21, 2010

Work Week Woes

Is anyone else hating this work week?  As you saw in my Sydney posts, I was over there for work.  Now that I'm back, I have been working non-stop with my Aussie friends.  However, since they are 15 hours ahead, I find myself working all night (e.g. 5pm Eastern is 8am their time the next day).  Leaving for work at 615am and coming home at 930/10pm is getting pretty old!
Also, I think there may be a cold going around.  Monday night I came down with it and it's making that much more difficult to muscle through my work this week.

My three saviors have been:
1. My mom coming over on Tuesday night to bring me chicken noodle soup! She also brought over rotisserie chicken and a whoopie pie for dessert for Dave.  Isn't she sweet?!

3. Cloraseptic.  Although it doesn't actually provide a medicinal benefit, I am hooked on this whenever I get a cold/sore throat.  It's numbing spray is the best, most soothing mitigate to unfriendly cold.

3. Dreaming of my forthcoming trip to Sanibel Island! I will be leaving next Friday with Dave, Kristen, or Daisy at Indulge Inspire Imbibe, her boyfriend Adam, and our other two great friends Mike and Tarquinio.  I cannot WAIT to be there, care free and away from work.

My family has a timeshare there, which is how I became familiar with this little gem off the gulf coast of Florida.  They are actually already down there.  My Uncle Ed texted me these pictures, while also adding that it was 85 degrees with the ocean a mere few degrees less.

White sand beaches
His new beach buddy
Here are a few more from a collection of web sites, including one of the light house which is right by our condo complex :)

I can't be boarding that plane soon enough!

Lastly, thank you to all of the new readers, both that happened upon the site by chance and those that popped over from Kristen's blog.  I will be sure to check out your blogs too (once I ever get through this week)!  I will definitely plan to update the blog with all of my new travel happenings as well as with reviews of other trips that I had the chance to take this year.


  1. love it. can't wait for vaca. no one knows who Kristen is hahaha (unless of course they have met me.)

  2. no whoppie pie for you!? ha :)feel better dear. beach SOON! yay

  3. Stunning pictures, I love beaches like that.. mainly because we don't have many decent ones here :D