Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lazy Flamingo

Sunday is football day for me.  Being on the island didn't prevent me from taking in some football.  After spending a few hours on the beach, the gang headed over to the Lazy Flamingo for the 4:15pm Pats vs. Vikings game.  I came here twice last year and fell in love with their wings.  They have a bevy in which to choose from as well.  We got buffalo (one order of mild and one order of hot) and teri-hot wings.  Teri-hot are my favorites, because subtle hint of teriyaki is just fabulous.  The mild were not a great choice, because they definitely play specifically to people who cannot handle any spice whatsoever.  They felt plain or sauce-less to me.

Daisy Dave and I also decided to spend the game accompanied by pitchers of beer.  First up was Key West Sunset Ale brewed by the Florida Beer Company out of Melbourne, Florida.  Very tasty. We followed it up with a pitcher of Yuengling, and, despite how much I thought I was enjoying the Key West Sunset, Yuengling definitely showed it up.

As the game progressed, I snapped a few pictures of the Flamingo's decor.  It is definitely casual dining, but it has a great local feel with its nautical accents.  They also were festive for Halloween and had carved jackolanterns and candy in a large bowl to take on the way out.  One last point to mention, there are two Lazy Flamingo's on the Sanibel-Captiva island.  We dined at the one at 1036 Periwinkle Ave, but there is also one on the opposite end of the island at 6520 Pine Ave.  Same owners, so expect the same good eats and drinks.
Goodbye Lazy Flamingo.  You were good to us yet again.  See you next year!

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  1. It feels like ages ago that we were here. So much fun! love the photos of the three of us!

  2. FUN idea! Go PATS! We must discuss Randy Moss asap