Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sanibel Wrap Up

For such a small island, Sanibel offers so much.  There are....

Plenty of outlets for relaxation....
Beautiful beaches which are great to explore....
Birds to entertain you outside of the local supermarket (Jerry's):
Lots of spots to steal romantic moments....
Mucky Duck
Bubble Room

And plenty of places to eat and drink!  Here are a few more pictures and notes from these local haunts.

Island Cow:
Located right on Periwinkle Way, this restaurant is one of my favorites.  It is casual dining at its best with great food at reasonable prices (even for seafood).  You can read in more detail about the interior, service and food of course in Daisy's in-depth post.

Similar to Daisy and Adam, Dave and I also got the Cowrazy Kabobs to split for our meal.  The meal cost $17.99 and consisted of gulf pink shrimp, tender cuts of steak, bacon wrapped bay scallops, bell peppers and sweet onions.  The sides were sweet corn and smashed red potatoes. Delicious!

The Island Cow on Urbanspoon
Schnapper's Hots:
Also located right on Periwinkle Way, this little establishment is not one to miss! My mother has been known to ride her bike down to Schnapper's for a mid-day dog and I was reminded this trip why it was such an important tradition to her.  My grilled dog, pictured below, was loaded with onions, banana peppers and ketchup.  I'm not a big mustard or relish girl, so that is a bit limiting. However, they had many choices of ingredients!  The whole crew loved this place and I even bought Dave a little gift, a Schnapper's Hots t-shirt for $11.99.
Schnapper's Hots on Urbanspoon
Three times a charm as I give some commentary on yet another restaurant located on Periwinkle Way.  This trip, my crew only had the opportunity to enjoy The Jack's Lounge.  However, the restaurant side is characterized on the web site as "Casual Fine Dining".  I will try to make it there for dinner next year in order to give readers the full scoop.  The Lounge features live music nightly, as well as a 4-7pm happy hour.  Their happy hour is highlighted by 2 for 1 drinks and $5.95 appetizers.  I had The Jackaranda for my cocktail.  I remember being incredibly pleased with it, but I cannot seem to find the drink menu anywhere on the internet and my memory is failing me.  Daisy got martinis (three fold).  The one pictured below is her first, the Key Lime Martini.
The Jacaranda on Urbanspoon
Key Lime Bistro:
A stone's throw from The Mucky Duck in Captiva, the Key Limo Bistro holds it own with live music daily, a great little patio and fabulous desserts and cocktails.  I saved my Key Lime Martini for this spot.  It was very good, although Daisy's at the Jackaranda was probably right on par.  Kristen and Adam ordered a slice of its world famous Key Lime Pie.  It's unfortunately not pictured because it looked amazing!  
Keylime Bistro on Urbanspoon
We stopped in here for what we thought would be a quick drink at its sister bar & grill next door, the Sanibel Grill.  Since the grill was packed we wandered over next door to find a less crazy bar and raw bar at Timbers.  Daisy and Adam introduced Tarquinio to his first oyster and Dave and I got a cup of seafood gumbo from the bar crockpot.  That gumbo was unreal.  If we didn't need to use up our food back at that condo that night, I would have ordered a full bowl.  Since we also purchased a round of drinks, we passed the time by taking in an inordinate number of pictures taken with Sports and TV celebrities that were hung on every spare inch of space on the wall.  Each picture had one constant, owner Matt Asen.  
Matt Asen and Jonathan Papelbon
Naturally, after we spotted him with his two giant Golden Doodles outside on the patio, we went over and asked for our own picture with him.  Does this make us celebrities by degree of separation standards?

Timbers Restaurant & Fish Market on Urbanspoon
Well, this post wraps up my time on Sanibel.  After this picture was taken, we headed back to our condo to finish packing up our stuff.  It was incredibly sad to leave the island, but it was a bit easier knowing we weren't heading straight to the airport.  We had 3 more days at a little place called Disney World!

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  1. my biggest pet peeve may soon become yours too - I hate when spots don't post drink menus online. that will be no easy review for me since I drank half the menu.

    we're totally sending that pic to Matt and making sure it's framed on the wall next time. ;)