Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Another Sanibel Sunset

The month of February also brought me a short trip to one of my favorite spots in the US, none other than Sanibel Island, FL.  As you may have read, I was in Sanibel not too long ago with Dave and 4 of my good friends.  I documented the trip fairly extensively here on the blog: below are the links again if you want to refresh your memory on all things Sanibel.

Lighthouse Beach
Lazy Flamingo
Mucky Duck Sunsets
Sanibel Wrap Up

I've been coming to the island since I was a wee one.  A Saturday afternoon filled with gathering, organizing and scanning old pictures provides the evidence!
Clearly, my love for island has legs, little pudgy 3-year old ones to be exact.

Although there were no sand castles for me this past short trip, I did find time to bask in the stunning Sanibel sunset at Bowman's Beach.  Situated on side of the island closer to Captiva, you reach the white sand, shell-filled beach after walking over the bayou pictured below.
Most evenings, you'll be greeted by the most gorgeous setting sun, as was the case for us.
For those staying on Sanibel rather than Captiva, Bowman's is a great alternative to driving all the way to the Mucky Duck to view the sunset.  You might miss the outdoor bar and live music offered nightly at the Mucky Duck, but, if seeing the sunset is solely your goal, definitely consider Bowman's Beach.

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