Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ending 2010...

...on the road.  Where else?  True to form but not the counting endless hours at my office lately, I never seem to be in one place for very long without a travel-related adventure in the midst.  Today I'm heading out to the Charlotte, NC area to spend some time with Dave's parents.  They moved down there about 2 months ago, leaving the more harsh New England winters happily behind.

I have never spent time in NC, so I will report back with my thoughts! I always get giddy when it comes time to check out a new place.  I know that they live very close to Lake Norman, which is probably lovely in the summer.  We'll have to see about the winter.

To add a nice bonus to our trip, we are heading over to Atlantic City, NJ for New Years weekend.  The amazing couple below is picking us up from Philadelphia airport on Friday afternoon and driving our butts over to AC.
We just so happened to hang with these kids (then engaged, now married) last NYE at Club Ultra 88 at Mohegan Sun.  Since we got the invite again this year, I guess they must not have thought too much less of us after that crazy night!  It's always nice to see them since they live in Newark, DE and we live in siberia.

I'll write again in the New Year with all the dirty deets!  For now, I'll leave you with a few pictures from last NYE...

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  1. Can you kindly add the picture of the hostess?