Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas Day was spent at my cousins' house.  True to tradition, Norm, Kris, Jake and Kasey had us over for breakfast and continued feeding us throughout the day.

Christmas strata with veggies and sausage:
I look forward to this dish every year.  The ingredients are pretty basic but the add up to pure deliciousness.  While at on a break from gorging ourselves, Dave and I enjoyed taking in some down time by the tree.
Then more gift giving began, highlighted by a great group gift for my mom: a new LCD tv.
I received a new Betsey Johnson watch which I think is pretty awesome.
Kris followed up gift giving with our Christmas dinner, which included:

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Roast Port wrapped with Bacon
Crescent Rolls
Mashed Potatoes 
Green beans with sliced almonds
Spicy corn dish...perhaps it was succotash?
After playing a few games, including Cranium and whist, Kris put out the desserts.
Karen is holding "holiday presents" which were sooooo good.  They are comprised of three layers (strawberry ice cream, lemon cream and yellow cake) and are covered with chocolate ganache. I must get the recipe from Kris.

We also had a Ho Ho Ho cake for the hostess.  Despite what she thought that may imply, Karen had nothing but the best intentions with this purchase.
Kris and I were also drinking out of these special holiday wine glasses.  She is the best host!
Merry Christmas everyone! Hope your holiday was everything you hoped it would be and more! For me, it was a great chance to indulge in some great home-made dishes, share quality time with amazing family and enjoy some much-needed days off.


  1. Looks like it was a great christmas with the Barry clan!! I am salivating over the holiay presents

  2. I should have said Staples clan. well, you know what I mean ;)

  3. absolutely adore your new watch! all of these baked goods are not helping my sugar detox...im tweaking out right now wanting those three layer holiday present goodies!

  4. A LCD TV as a Christmas gift? That was some present! I’m sure your mom is now very happy while watching her favorite show on her awesome TV set. I would be happy too if I received such generous gift! :-)