Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our First Salem Holiday Party

On my last post, I told you all that we moved into our new condo in Salem back on April 1.  Since then (amidst crazy work weeks, business trips, weekends with friends and vacations), we've been working to make this empty condo into a home:
As we approached the holiday season, we were getting a lot closer to a home thankfully! I'm sure knowing that we would be hosting 25+ people for a holiday party had a hand in getting my butt in gear with decorating, but that's neither here nor there ;)
Our first Christmas tree!  Didn't have time to find a star that I liked yet, so that will have to come next year.
This party marked the second time I hosted a holiday get-together.  Last year, I co-hosted with Krystle at our place in Brighton.  This year, I was on my own for preparation.  I figured I would keep the same basic formula: lots of amazing people + lots of booze.

I made spinach and artichoke dip, red pepper straws, meatballs in marinara sauce, tomato and olive bruschetta, and my crowd pleasing Irish Car Bomb cupcakes.  I got the recipe from my cousin Kris and I've made them 4 times now.  The chocolate cake mix contains a cup of Guinness Stout, the whipped cream center is mixed with a good deal of Baileys Irish Cream and the frosting is laced with Jameson's Whiskey.  Believe me, it all makes for one delicious cupcake!
Thanks to Diana who helped me prepare these this year!
I also included your basic party munchies such as a veggie platter, tortilla chips & salsa,  Cape Cod chips and Jalapeno Cheddar dip, Smartfood, Holiday M&M's and other candy.


Jello shots:
Creamsicle (orange jello with vanilla liqueur)
Cherry coke (cherry jello, diet coke, Captain Morgans)
Raspberry and Vodka
Blue Raspberry and Captains 

I believe the resounding favorite was creamsicle, so I would highly recommend you try it if you are hosting an event needing a little alcoholic kick!
...and lots of unpictured cocktails from the bar.



Unpictured but was a lot of fun (mostly for the guys)!

Rock Band:
Photo ops by the tree:
Matrix (lol)?:
...and most importantly, holiday love:

Cant wait to do it all again next year...


  1. very cute photos. Bummed I missed all the fun and creamsicles. I can't wait for next year as well ;)

  2. i love seeing the pics of your condo before you moved in! you did such a great job with the space! your party was super fun, can't wait for more fun times in salem!