Monday, December 13, 2010

Fall Love

As you may have guessed, my blogging absence lately has been a result of a completely chaotic schedule! I admire you avid bloggers for being able to find the time to make a post at least every other night! I'm desperate to find some normalcy to my schedule so I can be logged on more, reading your posts and coming up with my next! I blame it on my job.  I think the saying "you work to live rather than live to work" has been a little lost on me lately.  Leaving for work at 6am and coming home at 9-10pm just is not okay!

Now that my rant is behind me, I'd like to share some of what I've been getting into lately...

Fall Love #1: Pumpkin Apple Cider
I had the pleasure of having a lunch date with my favorite ladies on the planet back in early November.  They joined me at my townhouse in Salem and we headed out to FINZ at Pickering Wharf.
Not pictured is Daisy
Not that the food wasn't excellent, but the Pumpkin Apple Cider ($9) stole the show for me.  Comprised of Captain Morgan's, Pumpkin Spice Liquor and Chilled Pumpkin Apple Cider and topped with Whipped Cream and a sprinkle of Cinnamon, this drink was Thanksgiving dessert in a glass.  Corinne and I both ordered these and were in absolute heaven.
These drinks were so fabulous that I came home and told Dave that we had to recreate them.  Being the good boyfriend that he is, he set off with me on a mission to find Pumpkin Spice Liquor.  After three different stops at liquor stores, we found out that it is only offered by Hiram Walker and they were totally unprepared for the demand.  No one had any! How disappointing! We left the last liquor store vowing to buy a few bottles in October of next year and stock up for the fall months.  In the meantime, we decided to go back to FINZ the very next day to experience the drink one more time.  I learned on this occasion that their chilled Pumpkin Apple Cider is actually Apple Cider mixed with a little pumpkin puree.  Dave agreed that these drinks needed to be recreated and that October could not come soon enough!
Finz on Urbanspoon

Fall Love #2: Sunset Grill, Allston MA
Who doesn't fall in love with 112 beers on tap and 380 microbrews and exotic imports? The answer to this question is no one, which is why I can't blame Dave for having a love affair with this establishment. We happened to be in the city to see the latest Harry Potter and were feeling the pull to this bar & grill.  Each time I'm here, I'm enamored with all of the beer paraphernalia tastefully organized about the walls and also the quick turnaround time on the food & beverage.
Dave and Mike were true to form and both ordered Beer Floats.  Although there are a few to choose from, Dave and Mike love the one that consists of Guinness Stout and Double Chocolate Ice Cream.  Mmmmm.
As I mentioned in the intro, you could come here every day of the 365-day calendar and not try everything on the beer menu.  In 2009, Erin and Daisy enjoyed Ithaca Apricot Wheat.  That same night, we all consumed multiple drafts, and the waitstaff served the birthday gals with complimentary birthday meads.
Sunset Grill & Tap on Urbanspoon

Fall Love #3: Impromptu Visits to Portsmouth, NH
I have to thank Jess's birthday for my latest trip to Portsmouth.  She asked us to meet up at the Coat of Arms on Fleet Street.
Tuck and the Birthday Lady
Spending time at this British pub is no chore, as it provides a laid back atmosphere, many drafts/imported beers and a full bar.  The staff is also incredibly chill, recognizing most regulars despite the big draw and frequent guests.  It also provides a number of board games, snooker and darts.  On this particular night, Dave was being silly and decided to build a house of cards.  Pretty solid right?
Coat of Arms Pub on Urbanspoon

Dave and I ended up getting a remarkably good deal and splurged on a room at the brand new Residence Inn in downtown Portsmouth.  The Residence Inn is part of the Marriott family and is designed for guests who have a need to stay for longer periods of time.  For instance, a typical room includes a kitchen (with full appliances), a living room, bedroom and a large bathroom.
I was very impressed with the facilities (which include a bar and a good sized pool). Also the staff was incredibly nice and on point.  If you are ever in need of a room in Portsmouth, definitely consider the Resident Inn.  It is more reasonably priced than the Sheraton and frequent readers know how strongly I recommend the Marriott family.

Fall Love #4: Thanksgiving with Family
Okay so technically Thanksgiving is winter, but I wanted to include nonetheless.  Thanksgiving was spent in the South Shore for me at my Aunt Carol and Uncle Norman's house.  Although I was a slacker with pictures this holiday, readers should know that my aunt does an incredible job cooking each year.  She also exponentially adds new desserts to the mix each year!  This year we had apple pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheese cake, pumpkin trifle, blueberry pie, apple cranberry pie, mince pie and pumpkin ice cream.  Jeez! Im exhausted just typing all that out!
After consuming all that food, can you understand why we had the following scene?


  1. Those beer floats were just written up in the metro! love the throwback shots. Glad The Coat of Arms made the blog, too!!

  2. I LOVE that you went back to Finz the next day to have another one of those drinks! I tried to recreate "Thanksgiving dessert in a glass" as well but failed. I just made apple cider with pumpkin pie spice, NOT the same.

  3. Thanksgiving is still in the Fall - Winter doesn't start until December 22!