Monday, December 27, 2010

Nothing Like an East Coast Blizzard

As I type, my lips are a'blistered, my cheeks are as red as Rudolf's nose and my hands are trying to regain some feeling.  Oh, and I shouldn't forget to mention that my arms feel like they might just fall off at any moment.  Yep, these would be the tell tale signs of digging out of the first big blizzard of the winter.

Here in Salem, I'd say we have at least a foot.  It's hard to say exactly because the severe wind gusts have caused some serious drifts!  Just check out what Dave and I had to dig out!
The drifts at least spared me a lot of manpower clearing off the car itself, but the entire area around it was 3 or 4 ft high!  So not fun for me and my shovel.

Earlier in the day, I couldn't help but think how pretty the snow looked. I even snapped a few pics.
However, clearing out my driveway for the last hour and a half has snapped me back to reality and my hatred of winter weather.  Snow is only pretty while ON a mountain skiing.  It is not welcome in my day to day life here at sea level.  Please join me in hoping the next blizzard is a long way away!

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  1. sorry, i can't agree with you. even though the snow is cold and causes massive travel troubles, its gorg as you can see from your pics! :)